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Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down - Push Up Challenge - Take

31 Jul 2013 | mloskot

Yesterday near the end of climbing session at the Castle Climbing, I had a quick chat with Gaz Parry about some crazy bodyweight exercises.

Gaz was talking about this curious challenge of push-ups performed along Moby’s song called Flower where push-up reps are controlled by the phrase Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down…

I was getting hooked, then Gaz mentioned a video on YouTube with someone performing variation of this challenge, not on floor but on three medicine balls. The strong man turns out to be Lee Tiffin from the Black Sheep Fitness Academy. Here is clip with Lee performing the regular version of the challenge.

“I can do that, Hold my beer!”

Obviously, I had to tried it myself. After work, I did my first attempt to challenge the verses of Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down with miserable results :)

I only endured half of the length of the song :$

I’ve stood corrected about my place and #humble me is back to training *\0\/*

Next attempt, next week!

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