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SOCI 3.2.0 released

26 Mar 2013 | mloskot

Delayed project news

In November 2011, Maciej Sobczak announced his departure from the project and called for new SOCI project leader needed. Almost year later, I decided to step forward and become a new SOCI project manager. Maciej still occasionally helps in the project, he may be available to provide commercial support to SOCI users through his company Inspirel.

I would like to take this opportunity I’m writing about SOCI and thank Maciej for SOCI - quite a revolutionary C++ idea he came up with decade ago; for long-standing C++ mentorship while working on the project together or discussing C++ on pl.comp.lang.c in the great days of Usenet; finally, for showing me the real value of lean thinking in hacking.

I was born in country which undergoes revolution every four years and very first decisions new leaders is to make things over. Trying to not to neglect the rich legacy of my fathers, I planned my first revolution for the project. That was to migrate the development infrastructure to GitHub and create an organization there. The motion was successfully completed month later.

All SOCI development and code slinging activities take place at The release downloads and mailing lists remain hosted at and the website with documentation at

What’s new in version 3.2.0

On behalf of the whole SOCI team I extremely pleased to announce this new release of SOCI 3.2.0 version.

The SOCI 3.2.0 source packages are available for download from

or as .zip for the whole 3.2.0 tag directly from Git:

Documentation for the current version is available at

I’d like to thank each and everyone involved, who helped in any kind of way to make this release happen: all developers and contributors as well as SOCI users here and everywhere. It’s a great feeling to grow the list of AUTHORS with new names on every release.

Below, I copied the relevant part from the CHANGES file:

Version 3.2.0 differs from 3.1.0 in the following ways:

A complete changelog of commits generated from Git history in pretty Markdown format is available as a Gist in

In case of questions or problems, drop us a line to soci-users. If you have encountered a bug, open new issue at GitHub.

Thank you all!

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