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Visual Studio 11 visualizers for Boost.Geometry

29 Nov 2011 | mloskot

Update 2013-03-02: The Boost.Geometry visualizers have been released as part of C++ Debugger Visualizers for VS2012. See ChangeLog for details.

Some time ago Barend Gehrels blogged about Visual Studio 2010 debugger visualizers for Boost.Geometry. Barend’s templates added to autoexp.dat file are of great help while working with the Boost.Geometry library in Visual Studio.

Recently, I’ve started using Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and discovered the new style debugger visualizers this new edition introduces. I decided to port Barend’s work to the new XML-based format in .natvis files.


All my visualizers, not only for Boost.Geometry but also for other libraries, are available in visualstudio11 Git repository on my GitHub. The .natvis files are not overly complicated and the installation is dead easy, see README file attached.

Comments, suggestions and fixes are welcome.

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