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Microsoft Announces SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux!

28 Oct 2011 | mloskot

Thanks to my, hopefully, open minded attitude, I sometimes let myself to dive into unknown with honest hope to find unexpected.

Today at lunchtime I let myself loose across Twitter archives and I came across an interesting account, or I rather should say: I fell into evil ways. It is @OpenAtMicrosoft. Hmm, another marketing specialist at Microsoft buzz’ing about the NKTOB ™, means new keyword on the block. Or, it is just Microsoft twitting daily menu from their newly opened cafeteria. But now, they presumably say what they mean:

source for info on Microsoft and interoperability, open source and open standards

Interoperability @ Microsoft

By the way, it is a foothold of Interoperability @ Microsoft. (For those who may have problems with interpreting the @ sign, like my grandfather for example, it means the same as English word “at” as in Kids at the House.)

In spite of that my eyes nearly dried out of the openness, I went for it and skimmed and voil?: Microsoft Announces SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux!. It will soon be widely available to customers. Yay!

Yes, you read that right

Brian Swan - MSFT

It’s an evil good news of the day and I’m keen in trying it out as soon as I polish the ODBC backend in SOCI. I hope to stop worrying about which one to use, unixODBC or iODBC, for SQL Server at least. Life may become easier for OGR SQL Server driver users too.

I also hope, Microsoft will consider to offer the fastest development environment for C/C++ programmers for Linux. Namely, Visual Studio.

Yes, I am radically open minded. I can take on the most incredible of challenges, even surfing an inflatable crocodile ((link to advert of one of online supermarkets operator removed on request of the operator, funny).

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