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I have a confession to make...

07 Jul 2010 | mloskot

  • Hey, what are guys up to?
  • We are just enjoying some porn
  • Hope you’re not doing Java and open source
  • No!

The hilarious trailer of JAVATAR makes a brilliant psychological observation of human beings approaching different or new technologies. The technological emotions syndrome as pictured here is funny and scary at the same time. Had there been no emotions expressed about IT, we wouldn’t observe all the holy battles trolled out loudly out there.

  • Dad…I have a confession to make
  • I use…

Alternative link to the trailer.

Linux vs Windows. FOSS vs Proprietary. C++ vs Java. OSGeo vs ESRI. Python vs PHP. vs

The funny part is the situation comedy being pictured. The worrying thing is, had the comedy not been pictured, we wouldn’t see it’s a comedy. A kind of drama, actually.

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