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Where is my donut?

14 Mar 2010 | mloskot

I’m reading Darren’s post about The Geography of Tim Hortons. It’s interesting. It’s fun. The geospatial-enabled fast food consumption seems to be well aligned with the recent prophecies about what’s lucrative now, apart from donuts. It could be interesting to compare the Hortons’ trend with country-level version of this map. Perhaps, ST_Overlaps would return false, but ST_Intersection would likely return a pretty large geometry.

Anxiously, however, my enthusiasm is being a little bit repressed. The idea is a double edged sword and instead of navigating ourselves straight to donut heavens, we should rather start hiding such dangerous places from all publicly available maps and guides. This could be a part of health promoting geocaching campaign “Burn to Find”.

And I’m not going to put any smiles in here.

Direct costs are estimated to be £4.2 billion and Foresight have forcasted that this will more than double by 2050 if we continue as we are.UK DoH report.

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