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When Boost.Geometry release?

07 Feb 2010 | mloskot

Generic Geometry Library (GGL)The Boost 1.42 was released a week ago, however this release does not include Boost.Geometry (aka GGL) which was accepted 2 months ago. It is nothing uncommon, though many people have been asking obvious question, why Boost.Geometry is not there and when it will be there.

Boost.Geometry is accepted but with a sticky note attached with a list of issues that need to be solved before the library can be included in official Boost release. It means there is still plenty of work necessary to be done and as soon as they are done and confirmed, we’re in.

Hartmut Kaiser, the review manager, included compete and detailed list of all the issues that need to be addressed in the GGL review results report. Shortly, the contingencies are:

There are also a few minor issues specified as non-contingencies, however.

It is quite a list and plenty of work that needs to be done and Barend replied on the list:

We’re working on the library, I don’t hope it will take us that long, but 1.42 was not feasable at all. I hope 1.43 but even that is already coming soon.

Tasks dispatched. Fingers crossed.

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