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My first question to StackOverflow

30 Jan 2010 | mloskot

Recently, I’ve got a bit sucked in by the StackOverflow and related communities. Even if I don’t completely understand how it is supposed to be different to my favourite old-school-but-still-the-best communication channels to share knowledge, meaning Usenet and mailing lists. Web X.Y generally sucks! I never liked the idea of Web discussion boards - doesn’t feel user-friendly for me at all and it’s way more time consuming to participate in discussions on such boards than in mailing lists. The idea of StackOverflow works for me, somehow. A couple of times I got sucked quite deeply and stole two or three ours of my sleep to take the challenge, to benchmark my brain a bit.

After lurking and kicking my own axons, it’s time to nudge stackoverflowers with my first question. Here we go:

Which macro to wrap Mac OS X specific code in C/C++

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