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Mouse vs keyboard quotes of the day

16 Jan 2010 | mloskot

My two favourite quotes I’ve remembered from today’s thread about programming using a proportional font and other stuff that happened on, as busy as always, ACCU mailing list:

For me, when coding I think fast and I type just as fast, and every time I have to touch that stupid mouse I curse the idiot who failed to add or, worse, removed (which seems to happen as software “evolves”) the menus/shortcuts/tabbing-logic that would allow me never to lose my thread, or efficiency. – Matthew


I’ve watched people using IDEs (mainly on Windows) and usually I wonder if I’m going to die of old age before they finish carrying out various simple editing tasks by searching through menu trees, navigate through dialogue boxes, clicking on this option and that option (…) I often wonder if I should only have to work 20 hour weeks as I can get my typing-in work done twice as quickly as some other people :) – Stewart

Signed, with both hands.

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