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ACCU 2010 Registrations Open

13 Jan 2010 | mloskot

A few minutes ago, ACCU Conference Chair Giovanni Asproni announced that registrations to ACCU 2010 conference are now open.

ACCU 2010 on April 14-17, 2010. Barcelo Oxford Hotel, Oxford, UK

ACCU :: Security: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The great line-up of speakers includes among the others Robert Martin (Uncle Bob), Tom Gilb, Andrei Alexandrescu, Walter Bright, Kevlin Henney, Michael Stal, James Coplien, Diomidis Spinellis, John Lakos and many more…

It’s a must-not-miss event!

I started my Open Source Software advantures as a developer around 2002. I haven’t been maintaining a project for longer than a couple of years, but I have decent experience in working with aged and well-settled projects. I have made observations. Here, one talk especially interests me. It should be intesteing to every long time maintainers of Open Source projects based on C++ programming language. It is Renovating a legacy C++ project by noble ACCU member Alan Griffiths.

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