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Generic Geometry Library accepted to Boost

28 Nov 2009 | mloskot

Generic Geometry Library (GGL) Today, Hartmut Kaiser, manager of the review of the Generic Geometry Library, announced the official results of the review.

Here we go:

Formally this review ended with 12 YES and 2 NO votes. This result reflects the overall discussion and the general consensus of this library being worth to be included into Boost.

It means that formally the Generic Geometry Library has been approved to become a part of Boost C++ Libraries collection. Happy day!

Hartmut also writes:

It is worth highlighting that most of the reviewers emphasized the excellent quality of the library design.

I would like to send out my own kudos to Barend Gehrels and Bruno Lalande, the very core team, who started the project, designed and implemented the high-quality library and eventually released it as Open Source Software.

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