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Formal review of the Generic Geometry Library by Boost Community

13 Nov 2009 | mloskot

Generic Geometry Library (GGL) Nearly a month after sending out request for review of the Generic Geometry Library (GGL), the Boost Community started process of formal review on November 5th, according to the official [Boost reviews schedule]( ). The review is being led by Hartmut Kaiser.

Boost Community members interested in computational geometry has posted quite a large number of comments, questions and suggestions. Barend, as the designer and lead developer of the GGL with most comprehensive knowledge about its every particle, has been doing very hard work scrupulously reacting to every feedback.

Today, Hartmut announced we’re halfway through the GGL review and called for sending reviews. Not every feedback from Boost developers and users sent during library review is considered as review response. Some of senders mark their e-mails as not a review. So, now its time to send review votes.

This is first time I’ve been monitoring Boost formal review in details and I have to admit that it was amazing to observe such very particular feedback. Boost Community conducts proper reviews indeed. Even if a library is not to be accepted, it’s extremely useful for developers to give it a go and collect such feedback about their software. Barend Gehrels has been constantly updating the GGL documentation already. I’m going to compile GGL FAQs based the collected feedback.

All (almost) the posted feedback is recorded in the main Boost mailing list archives under thread with subject [boost] [Review] GGL review starts today, November 5th. There are also some forked but related threads like [boost] GGL Extensions and [boost] GGL Review.

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