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Testing libLAS with CMake

25 Oct 2009 | mloskot

libLAS - ASPRS LiDAR data translation toolset As a part of CMake configuration for libLAS, I’ve enabled support CTest. It is CMake test driver program that can be used to run automated tests and perform continuous integration. I also registered libLAS at CDash testing server.

CDash aggregates, analyzes and displays the results of software testing processes submitted from clients located around the world

Check libLAS dedicated quality dashboard - registration is required it is public project and available for anonymous visitors to browse the dashboard (thanks to Julien from Kitware for quick fix).

Anyone who is would like to build libLAS using CMake and run tests can find details on the CMake article on the Wiki. I would also encourage interested users to issue make Continuous to submit test results to the dashboard.

Feedback kindly wanted!

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