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mloskot @ boost regression tests

25 Oct 2009 | mloskot

I run Boost C++ Libraries regression tests for the first time today. The test driver is brilliant. It’s a single python script that takes care of all aspects of regression tests run: gets build system, builds bjam (a clever make equivalent) if not available, grabs Boost source tree, builds Boost libraries, runs tests, combines tests reports to single XML files and uploads it to server in secret location. All this by single command:

python --tag="trunk" --runner="mloskot-x86_64" \
   --toolsets="gcc" --bjam-toolset="gcc" --bjam-options="-j4"

Then, a scheduled magic on the server crunches all uploaded reports and builds detailed summary of regression tests. My builder is called _mloskot-x8664.

That is really a user friendly infrastructure of running regression tests and it allows an average Boost user to contribute in testing.

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