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24 Oct 2009 | mloskot

Online compilers are another generation of collaborative debugging tools delivered to Open Source communities. The overall idea is great. Actually, I can not imagine online discussions on IRC channel without being able to paste code snippets or compilation logs.

The provides feature called private and project pastes. Some time ago I proposed private general purpose paste service dedicated to OSGeo communities. it is hosted at and people has found it useful, as I can see. Today, I registered - a programmers-oriented paste service. Perhaps, people will find it useful too..

Users of the World’s second best programming editor, Vim (first place taken by Emacs), can install codepad.vim plug-in and send Vim buffers as pastes directly to the service. Kudos to Nicolas Weber for the plug-in!

I’ve taken the liberty and modified the plug-in to use the private service at - here is custom codepad.vim plug-in.

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