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OSGeo Propaganda

12 Oct 2009 | mloskot

The recent discussion on LinkedIn OGC forum about Advantages and disadvantages of Open Source GIS has reached at times hot temperatures. Good, as long as a discussion is factual. Unfortunately, the current one sometimes lacks of facts. Shawn Owston has started throwing heavy stones without, again, giving any facts or real examples:

One of the major “issues” with OSGeo in particular is the open and slanderous at times propoganda that is communicated regarding “commercial” companies regarding software quality, maintenance schedule and delivery of bug fixes to their constituent markets.

I agree with propaganda but I do not agree with slanderous propaganda. I have never seen anybody talking or writing on behalf of OSGeo who would be spreading defamation about anyone or anything in the industry or outside.

Shawn, it’s just not right. Please, drop the heavy stones away and pick the facts.

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