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Boost will review Generic Geometry Library

12 Oct 2009 | mloskot

Generic Geometry Library (GGL)Today afternoon, Barend Gehrels oficially submitted formal request of the Generic Geometry Library (GGL) to Boost C++ Libraries.

After a long journey through four previews and number of discussions, here and there on Boost mailing list and on GGL mailing list, and through the library presentation at BoostCon‘08 and hard work on application of improvements to design and implementation contributed by previews reviewers and also by growing community of users, the Generic Geometry Library project finally has got his D-Day. Today official request has been posted to the Boost Community.

The design of the GGL library is stable. The library provides a variety of coherent functionality. Given that, the library has matured enough for formal review. Fair enough.

The Generic Geometry Library is considered as a general purpose library which is not bound to any specific domain. I believe this goal has been achieved very well. However, every use of a software library is a domain-specific use. Thus, next to built-in features, agnosticism (computing) and extensibility, an idea of GGL extensions has been defined. We* agreed that extensions should be supported in a very similar way to how the Generic Image Library (GIL) does it. So we are going to help to organize development of GGL extensions, where an extension is something more specific to domains, for example domain of GIS applications.

The review is put on the official Boost formal review schedule with Hartmut Kaiser as the review manager. Let’s get this party started:

Formal Review Request: Generic Geometry Library (GGL).

The Boost review itself is quite long, very detailed and fairly exhausting, for a library submitters, process. It feels like a kid standing still in front of a wall and other kids are bombarding him with snow balls. Having in memories process of Boost.Polygon library review I was witnessing a few weeks ago, GGL is going to take zillions of “snow balls” on the chin :-) Fingers crossed!

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