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The Myth of Objectivity

10 Oct 2009 | mloskot

I do not advocate anything or anyone. All right, may be I do advocate but only a few small tiny things like C++ programming language, generic programming and high quality of software code and design and my dog, of course. However, I let myself to go down in the discussion about advantages and disadvantages of Open Source GIS on OGC forum at LinkedIn and somewhat at OSGeo mailing list too.

A human nature pisses me off, sometimes. (I am a human being, in case of doubt.) The world is bloody relative but we love to sling absolutes around. Yeah, we love this game! We are not good in learning from mistakes, anyway. Thus, the only achievement of attempting to apply a patch to someone’s buggy ignorance is a waste of time and may be a bit of training in fast typing or boxing ;-)

Paul is right recommending don’t feed the troll!. But, what has been learned is going to be lost, naturally.

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