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Open Source Contributor Award

28 Sep 2009 | mloskot

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GDAL logo Today, Even Rouault added a very cool feature to ogr2ogr utility from GDAL/OGR package. It is -wrapdateline switch that split geometries crossing the dateline meridian which is longitude of +/- 180 degrees. It will be available in upcoming GDAL 1.7.0 release.

Hopefully, I won’t touch anybody and I’d like to take the freedom of speech I have (thank you UK) to say something: Since the very first day Even joined GDAL project, I’ve been truly amazed how extremely active and productive an Open Source developer can be. Even is fixing bugs and bringing new features almost in real-time. If there was Open Source Contributor Award (OSGeo, can you hear me?), I would cast my vote to Even with pleasure, absolutely.

Even’s work is a kind of proof of a concept I’ve been observing for a few years: you wanna see results, stay focused, brother! It looks to me Even is highly focused on GDAL project. I sometimes regret I’ve never managed to stay also focused on one, two or at most three projects.

<excuse>…but Yeah but… no but… there are so many interesting software ideas and initiatives around… I’ve been more like a kid with ADHD who have been given permission to stay in a toy store overnight ;-)</excuse>

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