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ACCU Security Conference 2009

28 Sep 2009 | mloskot

Let’s take the leader of Colossus reconstruction project, the author of The Code Book, the original creator of the PGP e-mail encryption package and horde of people as hungry of knowledge & fun as a bears of berries, and what you get?

ACCU :: Security: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

You get ACCU :: Security: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow conference:

On November 7th 2009, the ACCU will be holding a one day conference at Bletchley Park, home of the legendary World War II ‘Enigma’ code breakers, and the site at which the world’s first digital computer went operational.

The event is put on the official calendar of events in Bletchley Park - National Codes Centre. It’s also announced by ZDNet.

By the way, who knows about the crucial role of the Polish Cipher Bureau and Polish mathematical geniuses in breaking Enigma? I can bet that many people still believe in this story which follows principles of canonical Hollywood education.

I think one of the things we need to make clear to Hollywood is, yes you’re in the entertainment business but the people who see your movies are going to come away thinking that’s information, not just entertainment.

By the way, I’ve read on ACCU forum that one of the speakers will probably talk about new his VoIP protocol and why his protocol spanks all other VoIP protocols as well as the effects of public policy and living in a surveillance society. The conference is going to kick!

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