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Compilation of VirtualBox add-ins for Ubuntu 9.10

22 Aug 2009 | mloskot

I’ve been using the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 installed as a guest system on VirtualBox for a while without any big problems. After one of big updates I found that currently under development 2.6.31 kernel version was installed. So, I decided to rebuild VirtualBox Guest Additions and it failed. Digging the logs helped me to find out what was the problem:

/home/mloskot/tmp/vbox/linux/module/vboxvfs/utils.c:423: error: implicit declaration of function utf8_mbtowc

Should be simple to fix. However, it seems that signatures of nls.h functions in the kernel have changed or have been moved to new place which I have no idea about. I’m not a kernel developer but I like to dig codes. Thus, I unpacked the VirtualBox installer, found the victim - utils.c and applied a very ugly fix:

extern int utf8_mbtowc(wchar_t*, const __u8*, int);
extern int utf8_wctomb(__u8*, wchar_t, int);

At least, it allowed me to compile and install the VirtualBox additions. I haven’t notice any run-time issues. I have reported this problem back to the VirtualBox as its code may need to be updated: #4823 (Missing declaration of utf8_mbtowc function in utils.c). So far, so good.

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