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Mac Pro collocation wanted

21 Aug 2009 | mloskot

Don't ask what OSGeo can do for you, ask what you can do for OSGeoToday, I sent a post to OSGeo Discuss mailing list asking for help with finding new home for my Mac Pro workstation. I’m trying to use all possible channels to spread my call, so here we go:


I have a pretty powerful workstation that I’d like to connect to OSGeo infrastructure, somehow. It is: Mac Pro:

  • 2 x Intel Xeon 2.66GHz (5150, “Woodcrest”, dual core)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1.5 TB HDD

If I’ll manage to find a new home for my machine, I want to extend the RAM to 16 GB and get one or more TB of HDD.

I’m looking for possibility of collocation my machine somewhere in UK (not necessarily in London), so it can be permanently connected to OSGeo infrastructure. Unfortunately, I am not able to connect this machine from home and keep connected 247.

I would be delighted to make it available for OSGeo projects and their development purposes like Buildbot, scheduled builds, software testing, etc. The only personal use of this machine I would like to be able to do is…development and software testing of OSGeo software I work with plus I’d like to keep some personal backups there (disks are getting cheap, so it shouldn’t be a problem to extent to tens of TB in near future). OS X Leopard and license for Parallels VM software is included.

I tried to find collocation service in Poland or UK but prices like ~100 GBP/month are too high to pay for the purposes I’d like to dedicate my machine to.

So, if anyone knows a data centre in UK that would be interested in “rescuing” the wasted CPU cycles of my machine resting in the box please let me know. I think providing collocation could be a nice way to sponsor OSGeo by contributing this reasonably good hardware option :-)

Currently, the machine rests in box in my flat in Poland (I live in London, UK). If I find a place for it, I’ll ship it from PL to UK quickly.

A few pictures of the hardware:

Two Towers


Make jobs benchmark building GDAL/OGR

Isn't it beautiful?


Please, contact me if you can help!

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