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I go commando

05 Aug 2009 | mloskot

Arnold Schwarzeneger as CommandoNo, I haven’t got a call-up to army. Actually, I run away from my country just in time in December 2008 :-) . However, a few months later Minister of National Defence of Poland announced good news and I hope to not to be executed by firing squad for desertion when I visit my family in Poland some time in future ;-)

Going Commando is about stopping using the mouse as one of the quickest ways to increase your productivity on the computer. I always knew that! I always believed using mouse is a waste of time and it’s worthwhile effort to let the mouses out and stick the fingers to keyboard as the first step to coding faster.

By the way, I’ve just reminded myself that this is not the first time I do commando. A few or more years ago, while reading Ed Yourdon’s book Death March, I realised: _I am a commando coder: I’m drinking jars of coffee and I’m staying 1.5 to 2 shifts at work. Now, I understand that the military approach was necessary and very natural because a start-up without commandos has nothing to sell and _if there are no commandos left in a company, there is no innovation ;-) However, I’m glad I’m no longer drinking jars of coffee as this approach is less efficient; it results in poorer code that actually takes longer to produce.

Hmm, I’ve just discovered I have pretty strong military background :-)

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