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French breakfast at Google

02 Aug 2009 | mloskot

French company sues Google over its Maps service

Google is looking to establish a monopoly in the mapping market.

Dear French guys, it seems you have woken up in the middle of the night and with one of hand in a chamberpot. Or you’ve just came back from long journey to Mars what would explain the disorientation and the fact you’ve overlooked the growing monopoly, which many see as having acquired too much power, too fast, without the wisdom to use that power responsibly.

In case you haven’t caught it yet: searching, mapping, e-mailing, multimedia & broadcasting, blogging & micro-bloging, documents, chats and business talks (many companies use Google Talk for communication, so Google has, and crackers may have too, fairly easy access to their business secrets), science & research (probably the highest density of PhD owners is in Google offices, but not in any university on the planet), storage of personal and sensitive information (medical records, health profiles, personality profiles, …), be or not to be (what’s not in Google it has never ever existed), All these belong to the Giant.

Vampires give interviews only in the movie. In real life, they suck the blood of the living.

Guys, give it up. Take your golden parachute. Relax. Book a flight to one of the sunny islands. Buy new shorts and live good life running a surf shop :-)

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