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OSGIS UK 2009 on Flickr

24 Jun 2009 | mloskot

I’ve just finished uploading photos taken on the OSGIS UK 2009 in Nottingham, so here is the set.

I’ve re-re-re-learned the lesson that light conditions in a conference venue is bad and I should always bring a proper strobe. Otherwise, pictures are dark or very grained (high ISO) or blured (mostly, unless your name is Arnold The Steel Grip). Ah, one more thing, don’t buy a DSLR with lens included, it simply is a waste of money. The kit lens is a piece of @#$%^&!, so just buy a body and then buy a proper (read: expansive) lens from Pentax (or Sigma). To quote the classics:

you are awesome

you have awesome camera

but it’s useless

without (proper) lens

Anyway, it’s always nice to have some photolog after events, even if the pictures are of bad quality.

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