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OSGeo Tribulum

20 Jun 2009 | mloskot

The OSGeo Fundation is driven by volunteer manpower and sponsorship. The OSGeo Foundation is a proxy body that transfers contributions from sponsors to activities initiatives and projects that perform under the umbrella of OSGeo, to the OSGeo members. The OSGeo members (right column) are free to raise funds on their own. Some projects do it very well, some don’t do it at all (and it’s not any fault, it just happens). However, all participants are eligible to accept OSGeo support in the same way, scale, etc. For instance, all members use OSGeo brand, OSGeo infrastructure, OSGeo marketing efforts and many more. The OSGeo Foundation membership is a value. Period.

Let’s make it straight. What about reversing the direction of flow of support? Should there be any reason to not to ask projects to support OSGeo Foundation? If a project is well funded by 3rd party organizations, it should be a part of fair play to expect a minimal tribulum paid back to OSGeo. Actually, this mechanism has been included as a part of the Project Sponsorship program:

One quarter of the sponsorship amount will be put into the general OSGeo account for any OSGeo use (such as paying hosting costs, general promotion, etc)

Does it apply in case OSGeo member project gets funds through a back door?

There are bills to be paid, there is always a lot of work to get done around OSGeo activities, meaning there are expectations, there are loads of tasks that need to be accomplished in reasonable amount of time, but a limited resources available.

Disclaimer: I was born in socialistic republic that no longer exists, but it does not mean I believe in socialism or that I’d like to see OSGeo being converted into communist party and Tyler flying to North Korea with official visit to give Kim a hug.

I believe in joint responsibility and fair play.

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