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QGIS tracks on BoostCon'09

13 May 2009 | mloskot

In one of presentations from this year’s edition of BoostCon, I found a small track of Quantum GIS project. This is Bill Hoffman’s presentation titled A CMake-Based Software Process for Development and Integration Testing (PDF) and the track is citation taken from Martin Dobias’ blog post Having fun with CMake:

I was quite surprised with the speed of building Quantum GIS codebase in comparison to Autotools.

All presentations from the BoostCon’09 are available to download including Barend’s slides and article with about Generic Geometry Library. There are much more interesting materials from the conference available and as another one somehow related to geospatial works, I’d like to point Graphics Programming Workshop about programming with Adobe’s Graphics Interface Library which is a part of Boost C++ Libraries (>= 1.35.0). There are both, slides and source codes, available to download.

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