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PostGIS In Action

07 May 2009 | mloskot

It really must be very hot and fresh news, so the virtual devil spirit of social networking hasn’t fished it out yet and also Google (check this if you haven’t heard yet about this local family company) lists less than 15 pages.

PostGIS provides over 300 spatial operators, spatial functions, spatial data types and spatial indexing enhancements. If you add to the mix the complimentary features that PostgreSQL and other PostgreSQL related projects provide, then you’ve got one jam-packed powerhouse at your disposal well suited for hardcore work as well as a valuable training tool for spatial concepts.

Three words: PostGIS In Action. The first book about PostGIS spatial database being written by Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu with release planned for the beginning of 2010. First chapter of the book has been published and is freely available as PDF file through the Manning Early Access Program. Chapter two and three are also available for MAEP subscribers.

Next to the early access, another cool thing about the way Manning Publications release their books is possibility to comment chapters and discuss with authors directly through Manning Sandbox forums. There is no exception for the PostGIS in Action :-)

Update 2009-05-08T23:08:21+00:00: The book official announcement has been posted on postgis-devel and

I’m looking forward to grab the book!

Pierre, check the TOC for chapter thirteen. Cool, isn’t it?

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