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Perfect stealing by

16 Apr 2009 | mloskot

I am pissed off on what Mr Pavel L. is doing by stealing tons of content of geospatial blogs around the world. As a big fun of Don Quixote, I decided to try to reach this guy by registering to his passing off geo2web site and submit a bunch of comments below posts he has stolen from my own website.

The result? No result. And, as expected Mr Pavel has removed all my comments within an hours as well as he blocked my mloskot account in

As a really big fun of Don Quixote, I probably will try to call on his phone kindly asking him to find another and legal way of becoming a geospatial celebrity.

I don’t like chickens

Update 2009-04-16 0:45: I’ve got my chips. The IP address I currently use has been blocked by Mr P. What a f**king kid!

Update 2009-04-16 19:20: Thanks to Fellows from - Russian geospatial community - for supporting my voice

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