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Generic Geometry Library

12 Apr 2009 | mloskot

Two months ago Barend Gehrels announced on the OSGeo Discuss list ongoing Open Source project called Generic Geometry Library, GGL in short.

The Generic Geometry Library provides a generic implementation of geometry algorithms, working with geometry types provided by the library itself as well as user-defined types. The library is implemented in C++ programming language with extensive use of elements of metaprogramming like class (type) templates, static polymorphism and compile-time execution. Consequently, GGL is built upon two of the greatest pieces of C++ code ever written by humanity: C++ Standard Library and Boost C++ Libraries.

In my opinion, this project is valuable and have potential which may interest many of us, FOSS4G users and developers. The OSGeo Foundation agreed to host this mailing list dedicated to discussions development and use of the Generic Geometry Library.

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