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FOSS4G 2008, I can't make it

28 Sep 2008 | mloskot

…school, job, trips, move, army, school, move, new job…lots of things have been happening in my life with speed of light, so I’ve had to change most of my plans, especially those about traveling. And, I can’t make it to attend the FOSS4G 2008 conference.

Nevertheless, I’m still listed next to two positions of the conference program and that’s correct. I planned to help Frank Warmerdam during the Raster Processing and Preparation with GDAL workshop and to give one presentation - Introduction to ASPRS LAS data processing with libLAS.

Apparently, I won’t be able to assist Frank during the workshop - I’m sorry Frank! and I’m crossing my fingers for you. And, the libLAS presentation will be given by…Frank - crossing my fingers harder :-) Originally, I promised Frank I will provide him with presentation slides and I’ll be a virtual assistant. Actually, I failed even with that :-(

Fortunately, Hobu took over this task and prepared PDF document with a set of fantastic slides. Frank and Howard have really saved my ass and I’d like to send them veeery big thanks!

I regret I can’t come to Cape Town, to experience the fantastic atmosphere, to see hundreds geogeeks together, to have a great time with friends and to drink a little too much beer with Tim. See you guys in Sydney, 2009!

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