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C++ Committee Needs You

12 Sep 2008 | mloskot

JTC1/SC22/WG21 - The C++ Standards CommitteeToday, Bronek Kozicki - a member of BSI C++ panel - shared some bad news on ACCU mailing list, about sponsorship problems of WG21 meeting in March 2009:

I just learned that original sponsor of this meeting backed out, leaving guys from EDG not only with organizational tasks, but also financial burden.

So, Bronek has also put out call for help to all interested parties:

Therefore, it would really nice if those of ACCU members who are working in large companies (and which also happen to utilize C++ to great extent) could pass a message up the management chain that sponsoring ISO/IEC committee meeting is unusual and very prestigious PR opportunity. Sponsors of past meetings include Intel, Microsoft and Google, among other IT giants; unfortunately EDG is only giant in intelectual sense.

If your managers find this opportunity compelling, please contact them with J. Stephen Adamczyk (jsa (at) edg (dot) com).

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