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libLAS 1.0.0 Beta 2

19 Aug 2008 | mloskot

The libLAS project is getting closer to final release of 1.0.0 version. Today, Howard announced that 1.0.0 Beta 2 has been released. Source package is available at las-1.0.0b2.tar.bz2 (MD5).

libLAS is a BSD library for reading and writing LIDAR data encoded in ASPRS LAS File Format

The libLAS package include a bunch of command line utilities for processing LAS files.

The Beta 2 version, includes API for C, C++ and Python programming language. Recently, Martin Rodriguez from STEREOCARTO has contributed libLAS bindings for .NET and Mono platforms. It’s available in SVN trunk with bunch of tutorials provided. Kudos to Martin for his great work!

To everybody who works with ASPRS LAS data, we would appreciate your help in testing usability and stability of libLAS software. Don’t hesitate to post your comments to the liblas-devel mailing list.

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