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Will Microsoft join OSGeo?

10 Aug 2008 | mloskot

Microsoft joined the O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) this year. Why? Because Free and Open Source Software development is anti-American cancer and an intellectual-property destroyer. It does seem pretty logical, doesn’t it ;-)

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced they plan to launch Open Source Lab in the Philippines in September 2008. The company officials promised:

It will be open to open source and cross-platform enthusiasts, including students, professionals, companies and users groups

Also during OSCON 2008, Microsoft pledged annual donation of $100,000 USD to the Apache Software Foundation becoming platinum sponsor of Apache development.

These are not the first “positive” initiatives by Microsoft targeting Open Source Software. They have Linux Interoperability Lab and an Open Source Software Lab already running. The general idea is to collaborate with non-profit open source groups around the world.

Will OSGeo be one of these groups?

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