Mateusz Loskot :: hacking on, working out, living up

04 Jun 2008 | mloskot is a new Web-based tool that has been warming up the wires for last hours. The idea is really cool, though it does not work in text lynx-like browsers, as one would expect.

Hmm, looks like the next (and obvious) step is to implement GDAL utilities plugin for goosh, so everyone can run:> ogrinfo -ro PG:' user=root dbname=cool'

Layer name: streets
   Geometry: Line String
   Feature Count: 13
   Extent: (-87.634943, 24.543945) - (-80.031369, 31.000975)
   Layer SRS WKT:

What about hackers/crackers? Don’t worry! This time, lucky works for Google:

I tried “rm -rf /”, but Google is still up.


Update: Stupid me! I really should not use the term hacker inappropriately above.

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