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The Cascadoss Project

12 Feb 2008 | mloskot

Cascados LogoIn this post, I’m going to spread a word about the Cascados project. The project is founded by the European Commission in frame of the Sixth Framework Programme and is focused on development of a trans-national cascade training programme on Open Source GIS & Remote Sensing software for environmental applications. The Cascados project is formed by a number of partners from Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. More detailed information can be found on the project website (multilingual) recently launched at the

Yes, the Cascados is focused on the Open Source Software initiatives in GIS:

The Cascados Project aims at building up a critical mass of Open Source users within the GMES society, which could support each other in finding open source solutions for environmental related problems.

and as a natural consequence of this are of interest, the Cascados project partners have put their eyes up to the OSGeo Foundation too. That’s great.

There are planned two interesting Cascados events this year, both will take place in Warsaw, Poland:

The registration for both events has just started.

Another announcement of Cascadoss events by Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) for european public administrations: PL: Proof of progress on Open Source Geographic Information Systems

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