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I love Vim

07 Dec 2007 | mloskot

Vim logo…for its bloody powerful simplicity that fits Unix philosophy and toolset very well and helps to achieve less and more complex tasks in very intuitive way.

Let’s say I need to find details of all test cases in GDAL autotest package referring to GetNoDataValue method of Band class from Python bindings:

$ cd autotest
$ grep -l GetNoDataValue *.py | xargs gvim

All files answering the filter are loaded to Vim:


I’ve seen may questions on the Usenet what’s the best IDE for Unix, especially comparable to Visual Studion and in most cases nothing well-working came out. Means, there is no such IDE for Unix. My answer is: Unix, with its astronomical number of small tools, is a perfect IDE, so nobody intends to develop anything like that.

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