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Run GDAL builders in a batch

14 Sep 2007 | mloskot

In my daily work, I have to run GDAL builders very often and simultaneously. Each time I need to request new builds, I have to make 20-30 clicks. So, when it’s third or fifth round of building, every click hurts :) and here comes the genius of Python language.

I wrote a simple utility script - - that simplifies running one: -b telascience-quick

or whole family of builders from the GDAL Buildbot instance: -f

in one shot. It can also list all builders available from the Buildbot instance:

mloskot@dog:~ -l
Connecting to GDAL Buildbot instance:
List of available builders :
1. telascience-quick
2. telascience-full
3. epimetheus-full
4. szekerest-vc80-full
5. szekerest-vc71-full
6. szekerest-vc80x64-full

It’s very easy to customize the script to use it with other Buildbot instances available for OSGeo projects. Just edit three values in the configuration block of the script:

BBURL = ''
BBUSER = 'mloskot'
BBNOTE = 'Routine build'

That’s it!

Perhaps, as a next step, it would be a good idea to make this script usable as an IRC bot.

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