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GDAL 1.4.1 is out

09 Apr 2007 | mloskot

GDAL logoToday, Frank released new stable version of GDAL 1.4.1. This new release includes fixes and improvements only, but no new features comparing to version 1.4.0.

The stable release branching is a new practice in GDAL. This means version numbers will reflect the physical state of GDAL sources tree stored in branches. In version of X.Y.Z format, the X.Y part indicates what’s is the stable version regarding set of features and state of the API and the Z part indicates version of fixes.

Recently, we got a Wiki for GDAL project and now the NEWS file is published as a News Wiki page. I’d like to encourage GDAL users to visit the Wiki where many interesting nad helpful articles can be found, about building, configuring data formats, using bindings for various programming languages and more. We’re going to extend the GDAL Wiki as a kind of knowledge base. Everyone can help, it’s a Wiki!

There is also more detailed report available per release in which you can find list of Ticket fixed and closed for particular release. Reports publishing started with 1.4.1 release.

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