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FDO goes for Python

14 Mar 2007 | mloskot

A few hours ago, guys from the core development team of Feature Data Objects submitted new cool stuff to the FDO repository - Python scripting support for FDO API.

The Python bindings are generated with SWIG. As Greg Boone reported on the fdo-internals, currently Python bindings can be generated and used on Windows only. Linux support will be available soon. Also, it has been only tested with Python .2.4 so far and 2.5 line is not supported yet.

The Python scripting support for the Feature Data Objects is still under development but I’m sure it’s a great news for the large community of Python users in geospatial field. This is a next step to attract potential FDO users.

There is more about pyFDO subject on Jason Birch’s blog: pyFDO is in the House - Yeah Baby!

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