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Dell is learning Linux

14 Mar 2007 | mloskot

Designed For Linux Icon under GPL/>Recently, it’s been quite loudly about Dell plans related to Linux operating system. First, we were told that Pre-Installed Linux On Dells are Coming. This message made happy every fun of Dell laptops, including me.

Three days later, we heard: Not So Fast what was like a bucket of cold water over my head. Shame, Mr. Dell!

Today news has dispelled clouds and we can see the sun again about the Linux on Dell laptops. Here is the latest note from Dell’s blog:

We recognize some people prefer notebooks over desktops, high-end models over value models, your favorite Linux distribution, telephone-based support over community-based support, and so on. We can’t offer everything (all systems, all distributions, all support options), so we’ve crafted a survey to let you help us prioritize what we should deliver for you.

You can check the survey here:

The update comment sounds very promising: (…) We’re overwhelmed by your responses, and we know the survey server is overloaded too (…). For me, it means there is a huge demand for Linux on Dell laptops, so we have a chance to get rid pre-installed Windows on new Dell’s.

…and, Mr. Dell, please don’t forget to replace the Designed for Windows sticker with Designed for Linux_ :-)

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