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Fun in the Open Source code

08 Mar 2007 | mloskot

Bug Icon by valessiobritoSometimes reading a code of Open Source Software gives a lot of fun. Programmers put many different and weird things into blocks of comments. It’s like a kind of source code blogging, isn’t it :-). You can find jokes and funny sentences or sentences expressing anger on a mad manager who forced a developer to stay next 12 hours at work in front of debugger screen…

Today, I was browsing sources of the OSGeo FDO Provider for OGR and I encountered one of these source code jokes. Here it is:

const double OgrSpatialContextReader::GetZTolerance()
    //zero tolerance!!! Yeah!!!!!!
    return 0.0;

Now, I wonder if the value returned from this function is what a user usually expects or may be it’s actually an expression (or better, a materialization) of programmer’s state of mind advertised here ;-)

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