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Extended STL

25 Feb 2007 | mloskot

Extended STLThe Extended STL is a new C++ book written by Matthew Wilson. The first volume Collections and Iterators will be available in June 2007. Second volume Algorithms, Functions and Exotic Matter been also planned but it is still very much up in the air. The book will discuss:

principles and practices of STL extension, many of which are used in the implementation of the STLSoft libraries

The first Matt Wilson’s book - The Imperfect C++ - presented C++ language programming in a very practical way. This book has two faces. It is a C++ introductory book and it also presents various C++ weaknesses and their solutions at the same time. The Extended STL will be a kind of continuation and focus on the Standard Template Library. According to my understanding, Matt will try to present programmers with solutions of how to use C++ techniques and STL concepts with existing code bases and technologies, for instance how to use STL collections with COM objects.

Certainly, the range of topics will be much wider. As presented in the TOC, most of must-understand concepts will be presented there, like RAII, constraints and contract programming, and much more.

I think the new book will also be a perfect completion to Nicolai M. Josuttis’ The C++ Standard Library - A Tutorial and Reference.

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