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FDO, any plans for summer?

16 Feb 2007 | mloskot

Thanks to Jason Birch recently calling on the FDO developers mailing list, it’s getting loudly about idea of joining the Google Summer of Code 2007 with Feature Data Objects project.

I strongly support Jason’s idea because with SoC, Google is giving a great opportunity for Open Source projects to boost their development and gain new features or prototypes ready for next steps toward usability.

Jason posted a nice proposal of features for SoC. Here are my favorites:

FDO is not officially nor unofficially supported and as latest reports indicate some substantial work is required.

I’m a big fun of GDAL and OGR command line utilities. I think it’s a great idea about having similar tools for FDO: fdoinfo, fdo2fdo, etc. Having ogr2ogr and fdo2fdo, a user would be able to pipe vector data in any direction :-). Another utility I’m thinking about is fdoinfo, FDO equivalent of ogrinfo from the OGR package.

Yes, FDO is not supported on this platform. The SoC 2007 could be a nice opportunity to change this situation.

If you have any idea of new features you’d like to see in the Feature Data Objects, please propose them on the fdo-internals list or just put here as a comment and I’ll forward them to the FDO team.

I’m wondering if there is any motion in OSGeo to become a mentoring organization for Google SoC and if such idea is reasonable in any way.

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