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BoostCon 2007

21 Sep 2006 | mloskot

Boost C++ Libraries LogoToday, I got a message announcing the first Boost conference - BoostCon 2007. The event will take place in USA, Aspen, Colorado, in May 14-18, 2007.


Here is the BoostCon 2007 Call for Proposals

It will be the first Boost conference, so organizers are not trying to make it a huge event at first but just to make it a success. And the number of attendees has been set to 100 or may be a little more. I won’t go there, but I’d like to attend the next edition - BoostCon 2008 - if possible :-)

BoostCon 2007 venue in Aspen Center for Physics, Colorado

IMHO, there is a lack of events gathering C++ geeks like Boost libraries developers and users. I’m sure the BoostCon 2007 will succeed and it will become one of the largest and very important event for C++ fans in future. By the way, for all of you interested in C++ events, there is also ACCU Conference. It has been organized by ACCU since 2002.

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