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PROJ.4 port for Windows CE

18 Jul 2006 | mloskot

In the March 2006, when I was working in Taxus SI Ltd. company, I started porting the PROJ.4 library to Windows CE platform. I checkouted the source code of PROJ.4 library from its CVS repository and applied changes required to build it with the eVC++ 4.0 compiler.

At the end of March 2006 I announced first results and sent big patch to the mailing list. During next months the Windows CE port was waiting for someone interested to test and use it.

Today, Wynand Kruger from Kreon Technology Ltd. asked on the PROJ.4 list about it. Hurray! I called. I hope this may be a chance to start some tests of my port on many Windows CE platforms to make it stable. After I left Taxus SI Ltd., I lost access to wide variety of Windows CE devices and I’m not able to test it extensively now. But I’m an optimist and I believe some interested users will come :-)

Today, I decided to stroke the PROJ.4 port development a bit and I published small website devoted to this project.. So, I’d like to encourage all of you being interested in using PROJ.4 on Windows CE devices to download the source code, compile it, test it and use it. Certainly, I’d love to hear your comments!

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