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Elephants Dream movie

26 May 2006 | mloskot

Elephants Dream Banner

In or around May 18, 2006 the Orange Open Movie project Team released the first open movie titled Elephants Dream. What’s the idea behind this project?

“Elephants Dream” is the result of almost a year of work, a project initiated and coordinated by the Blender Foundation. Six people from the Blender user/development community were selected to come over to Amsterdam to work together on an animated short movie, utilizing Open Source tools only.

This 10 minutes long picture is very impressive, though the story is quite strange - I’d call it as a Matrix-like story :-). Those guys from the Orange Open Movie did a really good job and I am sure this is only a foretaste. It was also very nice to see thanks to projects like GNOME, Python, GIMP and more in final credits.

You can download this movie in various formats from a few mirrors.

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