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Working hard...

10 May 2006 | mloskot

Recently, I was not very active on my blog. There are two reasons of that silence: small holidays - I spent last week with my parents (visiting my home after about 1.5.year :-)), second, I’m contributing to GDAL project most of my time. I’m also trying to contribute to MapServer …so there is huge amount of things I have to learn. In the meantime, I’m investigating OSGeo projects like FDO or MapGuide and trying to continue my participation in GEOS project. I’m also trying to provide substantial support to GDAL/OGR users (e.g. regarding Windows CE port of OGR) on mailing lists and #gdal IRC channel.

Hopefully, I’ll spend next 2-3 months (may be more) working with Open Source GIS projects. Recently, I started to think about new web mapping project. I am going to develop it using MapServer, WFS and AJAX. I hope I’ll find some time to start it. Although, I’m a web mapping solutions newbie, I’m not affraid at all because Tyler’s book is laying on my desk.

…I’m back to work.

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