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Automatic building of Xfce modules from SVN

14 Apr 2006 | mloskot

XFCE LogoA few days ago I moved from GNOME to smaller and faster desktop environment called Xfce. GNOME is still my favourite desktop but it runs quite slowly even on new laptop with AMD64 Turion CPU and 512 MB of RAM. So, as a GTK+ based UI fan, I found Xfce a very good replacement OF GNOME - a tiny GNOME. Usually, I prefer to be able to check newest features of software I use, so I decided to use development version of Xfce, available in the Xfce Subversion repository.

Yesterday, I wrote a small utility to control updating and building private sandboxes of Xfce modules. This is a small script I called It can be used to do first checkout of Xfce sources. After all required modules are downloaded, the builder script can run all targets - update - clean - configure - build - install - with just a single command.

The complete story together with usage instructions and download link can be found in the Scripts section, on the xfce-svn-builder dedicated page.

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