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Say Hello! to GEOS Development Team

06 Apr 2006 | mloskot

GEOS Logo…I’m going to talk big about myself a little… Yesterday, Paul Ramsey from Refractions Research gave me developer privileges to the official GEOS CVS repository. So, now I think I can say Hello! to the GEOS Development Team :-). After about two months of hacking, patching and contributing to GEOS project I’ve became a bit more privileged developer. This is a big honour for me to join the GEOS Team. I’m really happy!

I’d like to thank Sandro Santilli for his trust and advocacy. I’m very glad that I met Sandro on my way of life. I’d like to send big thanks to Frank Warmerdam, Howard Butler and Norman Vine for promoting my simple person to GEOS project and to the World of Open Source GIS generally.

The main roles I’m going to play in the GEOS project are: bug tracking and fixing, refactoring, introducing new techniques and tools to improve GEOS stability as well as supporting GEOS users. I’m also working on port of GEOS library for Windows CE operating system (current state: compilable).

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